i'm garthrey (she/they) and welcome to my little corner of the internet! i started this page up following a severe knee injury where i've been locked at home really struggling to work on any projects/keep myself busy

you can find odd little tidbits to learn about me, or maybe just to find some interesting things to brighten your day- either way i hope you enjoy your stay here <3

have a nice day.

getting into it | 11/06/2023

hello again! 2 days, that's already more consistent than 90% of my projects :p

i haven't done anything really on the site, but i've been meaning into getting back into casually streaming (twitch.tv/garthrey)- both just as a fun thing to do but also just to motivate me to get through some singleplayer games as well as give me an excuse to voice train again! honestly i'm pretty excited especially as streamlabs somehow remembered all my settings and layout (which was my main reservation of starting up stream again) so might do that when my light comes in on tuesday!!

in other news- my pathfinder 2e game has gotten a little spicy, everyone's really settling into the game now and they had a fun interaction with a sentient puppet they made and starting to theorise the main mystery of the adventure. HOWEVER the party's only healer got blown up by a corpse worm and nobody could heal them since they're undead so now he's playing a fighter in a party of 3 martial classes already- which is fucking horrifying both because i'm not sure if they're gonna die instantly or just kill anything in their path but we'll find out!

rehab is starting to feel like a tug of war, I woke up with virtually no pain after a few stretches and come the end of the night it feels like it's about to give out every 2 steps. hope this is a natural part of it but i'll just keep at it and pray my knee doesn't explode. in any case, super excited to start streaming- planning on binging the 3 fate: heaven's feel movies since I just remembered the 3rd one came out (3 years ago oops lol). also sidenote, didn't add it to yesterday's because i already wrote it- but rewatched scott pilgrim and fuck such a good film, even better than i remember and i'm so keen for the anime.

anyways: i think my therapist was really right in that i'm a person that needs to be working on things all the time, i used to think that's a really harmful trait that i needed to resolve, but this little period has made me realise i think it's just something i need to embrace and work with. i think we're all a little too fixated on efficiency and results we've forgotten that the most enjoyable and rewarding part is the progress we make. see you tomorrow maybe-
take it easy everybody.

you are burning me up like this - death's dynamic shroud

o shid.

hello world | 10/06/2023

launch! i woke up at 5am and deciding there's nothing better to do, decided to dig up the repressed memories of my 3 years of IT to try finally learn the CSS/HTML from the course i failed lol

still messing about with things, but i'm not too mad with how things look and i'm still unsure if this will be around in a week or so- but either way we're here until we're not!

this might turn out to be more of a rehab blog for a while, since that's kind of all my life is at the moment-
basically, a few weeks ago now i completely tore my ACL in a volleyball tournament and it somehow went undetected by anyone until we got an MRI, immediately getting my ass booked in for surgery the next week

anyways, i'm 3 days post-op now and i feel comfortable walking again which is crazy, i was expecting atleast 2 weeks or so- but turns out me going hard on rehab actually helps (who would've thought)- i'm feeling good too, not just the knee, but generally- definitely the most hope i've felt in the past few weeks

feel you - julia holter

take care.